Are Two Prong Outlets Still Safe in My Home?

Two Prong Electrical Outlet Replacement in Toronto.Two prong electrical outlets are commonly found in older homes and buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  While these will still work with modern appliances and electrical devices, technology has come a long ways since they were developed.  Most homes and buildings now have three pronged outlets installed because they are a safer and more reliable technology.

Older two prong receptacles did not have a dedicated grounding (bonding) prong but there usually is a ground (bond) inside the electrical box grounding (bonding) it to the network. Most of the time you can simply retrofit a new receptacle in it’s place.  If you aren’t comfortable working around wiring and the electrical systems in your home you should contact an electrician to perform the work.

[box color=”navy-mute” type=”square” icon=”caution”]Did You Know…? Grounding and Bonding are commonly misused terms when it comes to Electrical Systems. Grounding happens at your service box only and everything else is bonded.[/box]

An even simpler way to make sure the two prong outlets in your are properly protected is to install a GFIC  (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) in the first location in the electrical circuit to be protected. This new electrical device will now protect all of the two prong plugs that are downstream of it on the same circuit.

Working with electricity and the electrical systems in your home is dangerous work that should always be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.  Your electrician can verify that the device is hooked up correctly and working properly and that the required outcome (the protection of the two prong receptacles) has been accomplished.

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