Landscape Lighting

Landscape and outdoor lighting installer in Toronto.

Outdoor Lighting is Great for Security and To Accent Certain Elements Of Your Home or Property.

If you are looking for a way to really set the atmosphere for your property then consider some custom outdoor or landscape lighting.  By properly lighting your property you not only make it look better but you’re providing an extra layer of security as well.  Outdoor Lighting is so easy to install that there are many electrical contractors (and some not licensed) offering these services throughout Toronto.

Because outdoor lighting is exposed to the elements it requires much attention to detail when being installed.  For your outdoor lighting project we use special wiring rated for use outside, we use specific outdoor connectors, fixtures,  junction boxes and more.  Safety and reliability are the most important aspects of any outdoor wiring project.

The wiring and electrical system for your outdoor lighting must also compensate for long runs of wiring, voltage drops and the property it’s being installed on.  If security is a concern you’ll want to know about security lighting options, their lighting coverage and how to go about properly placing everything around your home or property.  This is where hiring an electrical contractor with experience in outdoor lighting systems would be a very wise investment.

Cosmos Electrical Co. is a full service electrical contractor in the Greater Toronto area.  We specialize in providing expert electrical services to homeowners, business owners and property managers.  If you need outdoor or landscape lighting systems installed on your property we can help you design and implement a reliable, “turn key” lighting system.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Contractor in Toronto

  • Spot Lights and Flood Lights
  • Driveway Lighting Systems
  • Pathway Lighting Systems
  • Garden Lighting Systems
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Hardscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting Design

If you are planning a project that involves outdoor lighting and landscape lighting in the Greater Toronto area then give Cosmos Electrical Co. a call today.  We’ll come out and have a look at your outdoor lighting project, offer suggestions and provide you with an accurate estimate to complete the project for you.

When you choose Cosmos Electrical Co. to complete your outdoor lighting project you’re not just choosing an electrical contractor. You’re taking on a new partner who really cares about the work they do for you and stands behind it with a warranty other electrical contractors can’t touch.