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Need an Electrician in Mississauga Ontario?

The electrical systems in your Mississauga home, business or building keep the lights on and all of the other amenities you’ve come to expect from a modern building.  When you have a problem somewhere in your electrical system it’s usually something that needs to be addressed and fixed right away.

Cosmos Electrical Company is a full service electrical contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.  Since 1974 we’ve been helping Torontonians and residents of Mississauge solve their complex wiring and electrical problems.  From wiring and electrical system repairs and upgrades to wiring new construction to energy efficient upgrades.  Our team of electrical experts can provide you with solutions.

With any type of electrical repairs or electrical upgrades to a building safety is always a major concern.  When you deal with a professional electrician such as Cosmos Electrical in the Mississauga area and you know that any work performed will follow the highest safety standards.  Along with safety comes reliability and Cosmos Electrical Co. stands behind our work with one of the strongest electrical warranties in the business.  We are proud of the work we do for our customers.

From wiring up your new home or building to troubleshooting the most frustrating electrical problems in your apartment buildings, townhomes or even industrial facilities.  Our expert electricians have the knowledge and equipment to provide you with top-notch and reliable electrical services 24 hours a day.

Electrical Services We Provide in Mississauga:

Panel Upgrades
Electrical Safety Inspections
Electrical Troubleshooting
Home Renovation Wiring
Landscape Lighting
Kitchen Lighting
Surge Protection
Smoke/CO Detectors
Home Standby Generators

When you need electrical repairs or services in the Mississauga area Cosmos Electrical Company will be there for you.  Cosmos Electrical Co. is equipped to handle any size commercial, residential, agricultural or industrial project throughout Mississauga.  We can provide you with emergency electrical services 24 hours per day or offer a scheduled service as well.  Our Electrical Project Management Software will keep you in-sync with the work being completed for you.

For 37 years we’ve been solving all kinds of electrical problems that homeowners and property managers experience throughout Mississauga.  We’d love to have the opportunity for you to experience the Cosmos Electrical Company difference.  Harness Our Energy!

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