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Electrical Contractor for Property Managers in Toronto.

Do You Have a Reliable Electrical Contractor Looking After Your Building?

Are you a building owner or a property manager in the Greater Toronto area?  We probably don’t need to remind you of the importance of having a reliable electrical contractor in your network.  Your building has mechanical systems, communications systems and they are all powered by a much more intricate wiring system within your building.

Cosmos Electrical Co. is a full service electrical contractor serving the Greater Toronto area.  We specialize in maintaining, repairing and upgrading electrical systems in condominiums, townhomes, apartment buildings, shopping malls, public buildings and more.  Our electrical technicians are experts on the electrical systems and wiring that makes your building tick.

When Electrical Problems Occur Property Managers Usually Want:

  • The Location of the Problem (and how it occured)
  • The Best Course of Repair.
  • How Long The Repair Will Take.
  • How Much The Repair Will Cost.

When you choose Cosmos Electrical Co. to service and maintain the electrical system in your building you don’t just get an electrical contractor.  You are taking on a valued partner with an interest in keeping the electrical system in your building in the best working condition possible.  You’ll get detailed information on any problems, or repairs we make.  We’ll never proceed with work until it’s been signed off by you or your manager.

Through regular inspections (that we can schedule at convenient times) we’ll be able to identify electrical issues (or potential issues) in your building quickly.  Our electricians will know how to fix the problem and be able to offer you fast service at all hours of the day.  If your building exterior lighting system goes out at 9pm on a Friday night we can have an Electrician there to address the problem the same night!

If your tenants are experiencing electrical problems within specific units we can have an electrician quickly address their problem.  Our electricians are courteous, professionally dressed with company clothing and will be professional and helpful at all times.  We trust our employees and know they have the experience and the training to make the right calls on your electrical system.

Electrical devices and systems are improving all the time and if you’re a building owner you probably care about your buildings energy consumption (and how it affects your bottom line).  Cosmos Electrical can perform an electrical efficiency audit on your building as well.  This service can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually in reducing your energy consumption with some energy efficient upgrades.

If you are looking for a reliable electrical contractor to take care of your buildings electrical needs then give Cosmos Electrical Co. a call today and let’s discuss some of the options available for your specific building.  We can arrange for one (or more) of our electricians to come out and familiarize themselves with your electrical systems and this will help us provide you with faster and more accurate estimates and job descriptions in the future as well.