INFRA-RED Scanning

Thermal Imaging Electrical Panel Inspections in Toronto.

Thermal Imaging Can Detect Heat In Your Electrical System – A Sign Of Trouble

Infra-Red scanning technology is a great tool for diagnosing and preventing electrical problems within your complex electrical systems that power your home or building.  Using thermal imaging our expert technicians can quickly spot heat (or the lack of) within your wiring system and breaker panels.  Areas with an unusual amounts of heat can be bottlenecks in your electrical grid that we’ll need to sort out.

Generally heat (in regards to electricity) is developed when the electricity travelling through your system encounters resistance.  The resistance could be a bad breaker, a loose connection, a faulty cable or an improper hardware installation.  In some cases the problem could be more serious and in those cases you’ll be both thankful and relieved that we offer this service.

Thermal Imaging Electrical Scans Include:

  • Inventory of your buildings electrical equipment.
  • Reports on any troubling hot spots or loose connections.
  • Reports on any overloaded circuits or other safety hazards.

Cosmos Electrical Co. is a full service Electrical Contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.  One of our core services is using Infra-Red scanning technologies to inspect the electrical systems in large commercial, residential and industrial buildings throughout the Toronto area.

As you’ll probably agree the biggest concern with any electrical malfunction is the hazard for a potential fire.  When Cosmos Electrical Co. comes to scan your electrical system you will get a complete inventory of your electrical equipment in your facility.  You will know about problems within your electrical system before they can occur.  We’ll provide you with a detailed report on any hot spots, loose connections, overloaded circuits or any other problem that needs to be addressed.

Large scale electrical systems  are complex, almost scary for most property managers and building managers and it’s for good reason too.  Electricity is downright dangerous!  When you harness the energy of Cosmos Electrical Co. we take the pressure off by monitoring and maintaining your complex electrical systems.  We can provide you with an annual scan of your electrical system along with the proper documentation for your records.

The safety of your residents, staff and customers is important to you and complex electrical problems aren’t something to be taken lightly.  Call Cosmos Electrical Co. today and let’s talk about scanning the electrical system in your building or facility.

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