Underground Locates

Underground Electrical Service Locates in Toronto.

We Can Locate Underground Services.

If you are completing any excavation work on your property it’s important to have a professional map out any underground electrical services in the immediate vicinity.  Every year there are countless underground electrical and utility service outages because an pipe or cable was struck during an excavation.  This not only causes extensive damage that is expensive to repair but it creates a safety issue for the crews completing the work.

Cosmos Electrical Co. is an electrical services contractor based out of Toronto, Ontario.  One of the services we specialize in is locating underground electrical services and utilities before ground disturbance work commences.  Our technicians and their specialized equipment can map out any underground electrical services that you will be working in close proximity to.

This is an important service and it’s paramount to the safety of your workers on any job site requiring ground disturbance work.  If you suspect there might be underground cabling or electrical services on one of your upcoming projects then you need to give Cosmos Electrical Co. a call today!

This specialty locating service is also the only way to pin point underground fault locations to within 10 ft of any break for street lighting or underground services for receptacles and power.

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