What Is a GFI Outlet?

GFI Outlet Repair and Replacement in Toronto.What is a GFI and should you have them in your home or building…?

GFCI is the abbreviation for a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter also known as GFI.  This device is a specially designed electrical outlet that protects the user from shock.  GFI outlets are usually installed on home exteriors or other areas that may become damp or exposed to the elements.

The GFCI device measures the resistance of the “hot” and “neutral” lines connected to it. If there is more resistance in either of the 2 lines, the GFCI trips to stop the flow of electricity. This all happens in milliseconds.

The electrical code requires that GFCI’s be installed in kitchens near the sink, bathrooms, and laundry areas near sinks, ground level exterior plugs and anywhere else water is easily accessible.

My GFI Outlet Has Stopped Working How Can I Fix It?

There could be several reasons why this has happened and the easiest for you to try is to simply either flip the breaker, or inspect the plug and push the “Reset” button that most GFI outlets come equipped with.  If this doesn’t solve your problem then you probably need to call an Electrician to repair the faulty outlet.

Cosmos Electrical Co. is a full service electrical contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.  We specialize in helping home and business owners repair and upgrade their existing electrical systems and replacing and repairing GFI outlets is one of the small services we offer.

If you have a faulty GFI outlet that needs repairing or would like to have some installed then please give us a call today!